Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wall Street Journal Comments On Obama “eking” Out a Victory – Not Like George W. Bush over Albert Gore

Laugh-a-Minute Journal Gives Everyone a Good Chuckle

As everyone basks in the glow (temporary of course) of the election it is even of greater comfort to see folks like the radical Conservatives at the Wall Street Journal react to the election.  In their world, as opposed to the real one, Mr. Obama just barely won.

President Obama won one of the narrower re-elections in modern times Tuesday, eking out a second term with a fraction of his 7.3% margin of 2008,

Now if any rational and sane observer has concluded that Mr. Obama’s win was narrow, we haven’t heard from them.  George W. Bush's re-election was made possible by 100,000 votes in Ohio, had they gone the other way everyone would have been talking about President John Kerry.  But for Conservatives this myth must be set out in order to discredit Mr. before his second term even begins.

And here is how they interpret a huge win for the President and an even bigger win for Democrats in the Senate where everyone expected them to lose seats and many, this site included expected them to lose control of the Senate.

Mr. Obama will now have to govern the America he so relentlessly sought to divide—and without a mandate beyond the powers of the Presidency. Democrats will hold the Senate, perhaps with an additional seat or two.

Divide Americans?  Let’s see, who is that split America into the 47% that live off government, have no self reliance and just leach off of the wealthy?  Can’t remember his name but we don’t think it was Mr. Obama.

Oh, and how does that translate into a win for the Republicans?  Well they held the House, despite losing seats.

But Republicans held the House comfortably, so their agenda was hardly repudiated. 

Yeah, we got a good laugh out of the editorial ourselves.  Thanks WSJ, everyone needs a little mirth in their lives these days.

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