Sunday, November 4, 2012

Washington Post Conservative Columnist Kathleen Parker on the Racist Comments of Romney Campaign Co-Chair

Another Example of How Conservatives Don’t Mind Prejudice

The issue of race continues to be injected into the Presidential race by Republicans.  The most egregious comments have come from Romney Campaign co-head John Sununu when he claimed that Gen. Colin Powell was supporting Obama just because they were both African Americans.

Here is one of the thousands of Conservative columnists the Washington Post has hired to try and curry favor with Republicans, Kathleen Parker, on Mr. Sununu’s comments.

Sununu implied the former, hinting that Powell chose Obama out of racial loyalty. 

And here is Ms. Parker’s reaction to Mr. Sununu’s statements.

I wish Sununu hadn’t gone there. 

Really!!  A person high up in the Romney campaign makes blatantly racists statements and the reaction from a supposedly intelligent columnist is she wishes he had not gone there!  Is that the same reaction anyone would have had if a prominent independent Caucasian had endorsed Mr. Romney and an Obama official had said the person did so because Mr. Romney was white?  Good grief.

Ms. Parker, in trying to offset the damage to Republicans goes on to talk about African American support for Mr. Obama.

Meanwhile, no one questions why 95 percent of blacks support the president. Is it racial? Or is it simply that most African Americans happen to be Democrats?

Uh yes Ms. Parker, it is because most African Americans are Democrats.  Why exactly would you expect any African American to support the Republican party with its racist components, with its opposition to helping African Americans overcome the damage of racial prejudice in education and employment, with its opposition to social programs that aid low income African American families and with the history of virulent opposition to civil rights legislation that those of a Conservative nature have, Conservatives whose descendants now dominate the Republican party. 

The mystery here is not that  95% of African Americans are Democrats, the mystery is why are there 5% of African Americans who are Republicans????

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