Friday, November 16, 2012

Conservative Supporters of Mitt Romney Jordan Sekulow and Mathew Clark Explain How the Election Loss Was Not the Fault of Mr. Romney or Republicans

Because Mr. Romney and Republicans Failed to Get Their Message Out

Much of the country is enjoying listening to Republicans and Conservatives say how the election loss of Republicans and Conservatives was not the fault of the Republicans and Conservatives.  In the Washington Post two Romney supporters explain.

This election loss wasn’t Mitt Romney’s fault. It wasn’t the Republican Party’s fault. It wasn’t because Romney was too moderate or, conversely, too conservative. And, it certainly wasn’t because of a lack of resources.

Wow, that rules out a lot of suspects.  Let’s see who or what is left to blame.

Mr. Romney lost because:

  1. The election was on a Tuesday, Republicans lose elections when they are on Tuesdays.  No that’s not it.

  1. Mr. Obama is African American and voters are prejudiced against white people.  No, that’s not it either.  What racial prejudice is left in America is against African Americans not for them.

  1. The Supreme Court gave the election to Mr. Obama by allowing him to win Florida even though he didn’t.  No, that is so 2000.

  1. Mr. Obama had billionaires spending hundreds of millions on his behalf.  Darn, that’s not it either.

  1. Mr. Romney could only win his home state, where people knew him the best.  Uh, no, Mr. Romney lost Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Michigan and California.  Had he owned houses in a the other 46 states he would have lost them also.  Well maybe not Alabama.

No according the Mssrs. Sekulow and Clark here is why Mr. Romney lost.

We lost the presidential election because we weren’t as quick to capitalize on issues and opportunities as our opponents. 

Okay, and whose fault was that?  We don’t know, but it sure seems like it was the fault of Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.  

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