Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another Billionaire Has His Feelings Hurt by President Obama – And Dumps Millions Into the Campaign to Defeat Him

Thomas Peterffy Joins Unique Group:  'Cry Babies for Romney'

How in the world can a businessman be tough enough to become a multi-billionaire and yet be so sensitive to general criticism of his profession that he spends millions because his feels the President is criticizing him.  Apparently not being loved, or spoken nicely to is too much for yet another extremely wealthy person.  Tomas Peterffy is worth billions and agrees with the President on many issues.

Peterffy has maxed out his donations to Mitt Romney and will vote Republican next month, but he’s hardly a GOP loyalist. He’s called himself “pro-choice” and “pro-environment.” 

So what exactly is his problem?  Well he thinks Mr. Obama has not been sufficiently nice about billionaires.

Thomas Peterffy in front of an 18th century earth goddess tapestry in his home office in Greenwich, Conn.
Thomas Peterffy
Will Mitt Romney Scrape and Bow to Him?  -  You Betcha

 Peterffy argues that Obama makes a practice of “bad-mouthing success,” which demoralizes American entrepreneurs, sapping their drive to succeed and pay the taxes that support the less fortunate. In its own odd way, the ad argues on behalf of the “47 percent,” not against them.

That’s right, entrepreneurs are so discouraged and demoralized that they no longer have a drive to succeed and therefore are not paying more taxes to support those lazy good for nothing deadbeats, the famous 47%.

And who is Mr. Petterffy?

Thomas Peterffy, a 68-year-old émigré from socialist Hungary who founded Interactive Brokers (IBKR ), the world’s largest online broker, and built a fortune of $7.6 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. 

Wow, the United States lets in an immigrant refugee from Hungary, provides him with the opportunity to become a billionaire seven times over and he is just furious that people are not nice to him. 

Good Grief!

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