Friday, November 30, 2012

Dispute over the Age of the Grand Canyon – 6 Million Years Old or 70 Million Years Old - Is Settled by Creationists

They Know How Old the Grand Canyon Is – And Now They Are Telling

The pages of the New York Times are graced with a story of a dispute among geologists and scientists about the age of the Grand Canyon.  It seems some new dating techniques suggest the Canyon is far older than has been thought by leading science research.  Not only is there a dispute, it appears to have generated hard feelings.

A bitter controversy among geologists over this question edged into the open on Thursday, when a report published in the journal Science offered new support for the old-canyon hypothesis, which is not the prevailing one. 

First of all there is work that says the Grand Canyon is 70 million years old

An analysis of the data, the geologists said, revealed where surface erosion had gouged out canyons and how much time had passed since there was significant natural excavation in the Grand Canyon region. They concluded in the report that the western segment of the canyon was carved to within a few hundred yards of modern depths by about 70 million years ago.

And this contradicts the research that had shown the Canyon was only 5 to 6 million years old.

If the interpretation of the findings proves to be correct, it contradicts the prevailing hypothesis that the entire canyon was formed as recently as five million to six million years ago, advocated by many of the notable authorities on Grand Canyon geology. These dates were drawn from an examination of pebbles and other sediments from upstream reaches of the Colorado River system that washed up at the western exit of the canyon.

But of course both of these arguments are wrong.  The Creationist researchers believe they have positive proof the Grand Canyon is only several of thousand years old,.  Here is what a spokesman for the “Moral People for Science Based on the Eternal Word of Truth” had to say.

The Grand Canyon After Noah's Flood -  Everyone See the Market Noah Left Behind

“The Grand Canyon was created by Noah’s flood.  Prior to the Flood the Colorado River ran straight through Arizona, filled with wondrous creatures like mermaids and mermen and there were unicorns grazing on the banks.  Then there was Noah’s Flood, and the torrent of rain eroded out the Colorado River, crating the Grand Canyon.  The fish/man people and the unicorns did not survive, because Noah’s Ark had made an unscheduled stop in Last Vegas to berate the sinners, and thus were too late to pick up the mermaids, mermen and unicorns. 

But the Ark was the first vessel to transverse the Colorado River rapids through the Canyon, and this created a tourist attraction that is still operating today.  Ultimately the Ark sailed around the southern tip of South America to the Middle East where it washed up on Mount Ararat in what is today an amusement park in Israel.  Remnants of the Ark can still be found in that park, and also in a Creationist theme park in Kentucky, where flying dinosaurs dropped pieces of the Ark in order to mark the spot where the Creationist museum should be.”

The source of this science, said the spokesperson, was the Holy Bible, in an edition published prior to the King James version.  This edition is kept in a closely guarded vault in Branson, Missouri.  That Bible, so it is claimed, has actual photographs of Noah, the Ark, the Buffet on the Ark and the Shuffleboard Court on the top deck as the Ark sailed along the Colorado River.

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