Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No More All Male Tickets, Obama Debate Performance Will Be Studied for Years and

Other Election Conclusions You Will Not See Elsewhere

So what happened?

  1. The Nerds Won – The math of people like Nate Silver trumps the feelings of political pundits.  There is just no way to spin arithmetic.

  1. There will be at least one woman on a Presidential ticket in the future.  And probably at least one Hispanic.  Four candidates all male is history.

  1. Was there any greater pleasure than watching Karl Rove on Fox News try to explain why Ohio should not be called for Mr. Obama?  Watching Mr. Rove was truly an exhilaration, something no one will ever be able to say again.

  1. The massive loss of the Romney Ryan ticket in their home states confirmed what everyone expected, those who knew them the best liked them the least.

  1. Had the Romney who governed Massachusetts for the first two years of his four year term ran, he would have won going away.  That Romney could not have won the nomination.

  1. Mr. Obama did pretty well in Georgia.  If the Democrats are smart (not a good assumption) they will use that base to start building on that support to move back toward being relevant in the South.  Don’t count on it.

  1. President Obama’s first debate performance will be studied for decades by future candidates, as the best possible example of what not to do.

  1. Chris Christie is done in national Republican politics.  He will however be overwhelmingly re-elected in New Jersey.

  1. Finally, the end result, Mr. Obama is President, the Senate is Democratic, the House remains Republican.  What the heck.

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