Saturday, August 4, 2012

With Ted Cruz Victory in Texas Senate Will Be More Dysfunctional, More Radical and Less Able to Produce Effective Government

The “My Way or the Highway” Crowd Gets a New Member

One of the saddest things in American politics is that in Texas the Republican primary is tantamount to the general election.  The Democratic party simply does not exist on a statewide basis, has not existed on a statewide basis for a long time and given current trends will never exist on a statewide basis.  So the result of the Republican primary for the open Senate seat is in effect the result for the general election.

Stuart Rothenberg summarizes the race and its ramification this way, first noting that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference on political philosophy between the two candidates in the runoff election.

There certainly is a big difference between the two Republican hopefuls, but I didn’t see it as a matter of ideology. They both want lower taxes, less spending and less government, and they both support what conservatives refer to as traditional values.

The difference between the two men is simple: Cruz is not willing to compromise even if it means being irrelevant to the legislative process, while Dewhurst is willing to look for middle ground if that is what is needed to get things done.

And with the election of Mr. Cruz, who won by an overwhelming amount,  the Senate gets someone who is willing to blow up the system rather than compromise to save it.

If elected, Cruz certainly will join the GOP’s “Uncompromising Caucus,” which includes DeMint, Lee,Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and a handful of others, making it more difficult for his party’s leadership and for the Senate to deal with the nation’s problems.

On one level the American people need this, they need to experience first hand how radical Conservatives work to destroy Liberal Democracy (liberal in the ‘free’ sense, not the political sense) and replace it with their own authoritarian rule.  At this point in time most voters simply have not paid enough attention to realize what an America with Conservative philosophy would look like, and it may be the only way to get them to pay attention is to live in that world.

The Conservative revolution, and it is a revolution not an evolution is like all revolutions, to succeed they must destroy the existing socio-political system in order to replace it.  So far from being a bad thing, shutting down the government for Conservatives is a step towards their triumph.  Stopping the U. S.  from raising the debt ceiling and causing an international financial crisis is helpful to them.

In some cases a revolution is a good thing, the American Revolution being the prime example.  In many case it simply replaces a bad system with an equally worse system, the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the Castro Revolution being excellent examples.  And in some cases it take a good, democratic system and replaces it with a system far less tolerant.

So in the case of the Conservative revolution that is coming, the revolution will replace a good system with a terrible one.  But since no one really understands this, or what society would be like if Conservatives prevail, the Conservative revolution has a good chance to occur.  Only then will the American majority realize the horror of what Conservatives propose, and of course by then it will be too late.

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  1. "Stopping the U. S. from raising the debt ceiling and causing an international financial crisis is helpful to them."

    I would like the DPE's estimate of the percentage of Americans who understand what happens if the U.S. does not raise its debt ceiling and why this would be a terrible thing. My estimation is about 1%. (Although you can probably find some Americans who think the U.S. defaulting on its debt would be a good thing because it would teach us fiscal restraint or some similar nonsense.)

    This percentage has to be very low, otherwise it would be impossible for anyone to run on refusing to raise the debt ceiling and avoid being laughed out of a race, let alone get elected. Yet we are seeing this happening, first with Mourdock unseating Lugar, and now Cruz winning his primary, and DeMint and Paul happily doing their thing in the Senate.

    The only explanation for the success of these lunatics is breathtaking ignorance by the electorate.