Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tens of $Billions of Federal Flood Protection Construction Saves New Orleans From Another Disaster – Of Course Anti-Government Conservatives Say They Built It, Not the Government

Memo to the People of New Orleans – A Nice Thank You to the American Taxpayers is All We Want in Return

The controversy over some rather stupid remarks by President Obama will continue throughout the campaign.  Mr. Obama in trying to make the point that no one is successful without massive help from others, including government seemed to imply that those who had built successful businesses did not contribute to their own success.

The recent events in New Orleans have illustrated what Mr. Obama should have said instead of what he did say.  The city of New Orleans was saved from destruction by U. S. government built and funded flood protection systems, systems costing over $10 billion and probably a lot more.  There is no clearer example of how and why successful government programs are needed in society.

Of course Louisiana is dominated by Conservatives, and they will never ever admit that the U. S. government had anything to do with helping New Orleans survive yet another storm.  In fact, look for them to blame the government for the storm coming to Louisiana, and look for them to claim the private sector was the source of all that flood protection.

After all, that’s what it looks like in their fantasy world.

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