Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pennsylvania Judge Finds Voter I.D. Law Has Partisan Intent and Will Restrict Voting

And Approves it Anyway

A democracy is defined as a system  in which a vote is taken and the majority candidate is declared the winner.  But Republicans hate that system, because sometimes the majority of voters don’t vote for a Republican.  So in a number of states where Republicans have taken control they have passed laws that restrict the voters likely to vote Democratic.

Both parties acknowledge that voter turnout could play a crucial role in what many predict will be a tight race between President Obama and Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, especially in battleground states like Pennsylvania. Other court cases under way include federal inquiries into voter ID laws in Texas and South Carolina and a state challenge in Wisconsin. In Ohio, a dispute over rules for early voting ended on Wednesday when the secretary of state set uniform hours statewide.

The law in Pennsylvania had its first court decision and here is what the judge determined.

In his ruling on Wednesday, Judge Robert Simpson of Pennsylvania, a Republican, said that there might have been a partisan motive behind the law and that it might indeed cause difficulties for tens of thousands of voters on Nov. 6.

which sounds about right since there was absolutely no evidence of voter fraud in Pennsylvania and the law would have a disproportionate impact on likely Democratic voters.  So based on that here is what the judge decided.

But neither matter is enough to stop it, he concluded, because judgments from both the state and federal Supreme Courts give legislatures leeway to regulate voting unless done in a clearly discriminatory or burdensome way. The Pennsylvania law, he said, passed muster.

That’s right, even though the judge found the law to have no basis from violations, and to be both discriminatory and burdensome he still said it was ok, because the state legislature passed it.

Ok Rush Limbaugh, time for you to start asking why Republicans hate America.

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