Friday, August 31, 2012

Some Rare Kind and Gracious Words for Mitt Romney on His Ascension to the Republican Nomination

Finding Some Good Things to Say About a Seriously Flawed Candidate and Individual

Regular readers of this Forum will know of the problems we have with the political campaign of Mitt Romney and of the political persona of Mitt Romney.  But Mr. Romney has been officially running for President for six years, unofficially for two decades and as a nomination present we present some positive aspects of Mr. Romney.

  1. Family Man:  Many Conservatives espouse family values without actually practicing them.  Mr. Romney seems to not only believe in those values but to adopt them to his own life.  There has never been a hint of scandal in his personal life, something few politicians of  Conservative bent can say.

  1. Freedom of Religion:  Mr. Romney is a very devout person, and his dedication to his faith is similar to that of all dedicated fundamentalists.  But unlike fundamentalists of the Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Islamic religions he is not trying to use government to force those who do not share his religion to observe its restrictions.  The type of Mormonism practiced by Mr. Romney forbids the intake of caffeine, but Mr. Romney is not on a crusade to close every Starbucks, or to ban Pepsi Cola.  This attitude of allowing non-Mormons to go freely in life without Mormon restrictions is an admirable trait.

  1. Good government: As with his personal life, there is no hint of impropriety in Mr. Romney’s stint as Governor of Massachusetts.  No bribery scandals, no payoff scandals, nothing of the sort.  And Massachusetts is not exactly a squeaky clean political environment.

  1. Uh, we’re working on Number 4.

So congratulations Mr. Romney, you have the nomination and if this Forum never ever says another positive word about you or your candidacy, then at least you have this to know that the criticism of your positions, your election strategy and everything else about your public life is not personal.  It’s about public policy, an effort to promote good government in spite of ourselves and our politicians.


  1. Romney may not attempt to impose his Mormon beliefs on others, but he is now the standard bearer for a party that seeks to impose various Christian beliefs on all Americans.

  2. True Enough, but at least we will always have our double mocha latte

  3. True. We can enjoy our lattes as abortion and gay marriage are outlawed, family planning services are eliminated, employers deny insurance coverage for birth control, and our taxes fund vouchers going to religious schools and public schools that include mandatory prayer and creationism classes.