Sunday, August 12, 2012

Incredible – In Less Than One Day Mitt Romney Flip Flops on the Ryan Budget Plan

Setting a New Record in Political Inconsistency – Mitt Goes for the Gold

The one thing about selecting Rep. Paul Ryan as his VP nominee that Mitt Romney cannot escape is that this ties him to the Ryan budget plan.  After all, choosing a person whose only real claim to stature is the proposal to radically change federal spending, cut taxes for the wealthy and to end Medicare must surely have meant that Mr. Romney embraces those plans. Well, apparently not.

Romney spokeswoman Sarah Pompei said Saturday that the candidate “applauds” Ryan’s ideas, but intends to issue his own blueprint for reshaping the federal budget. After Romney’s speech introducing Ryan, advisers said the former Massachusetts governor has no intention of being handcuffed to all the specifics of Ryan’s plans — though he has said in the past that he’d sign Ryan’s budget if passed by Congress.

“He has said it moves us in the right direction. He has said that if it’s sent to him, he would sign it. And he has said that he will put forward his own plan,” said one senior Romney adviser. “He is the presidential candidate.”

That's right people.  Mr. Romney will campaign not only against the economic agenda of Mr. Obama but also against the fiscal and tax proposals of his running mate.  Only Mitt Romney could pull this off, no one else has the talent, the stamina, or the total lack of introspection that would produce deep humiliation in any other politician.

Gosh Mitt, we have to applaud your dynamic performance here.  Surely no national politicians will ever be able to beat the record of flip flopping on a position in less time than you have.  You get the gold, and get to retire the trophy.

No, wait a minute!!!  (screams the announcer).  Mr. Romney has apparently beaten his own record.  Just minutes after endorsing Virginia Lt. Gov. Bolling for Governor Mr. Romney took back that endorsement.  Here is Mr. Romney on the stump.

In Ashland, Romney called Bolling "a great friend -- and I hope the next governor of Virginia."

And here is what happened next.

UPDATE: A Romney aide emails to say that the candidate's comments were not intended as an all-out endorsement of Bolling. "He wants to see another Republican elected governor in Virginia, but he has not endorsed in the primary," the aide said.

  It just like winning the 100 and 200 meter dashes in the Olympics.  Mr. Romney tops himself and gets another gold medal in 100 meter race in political pandering and backtracking.  The crowd goes wide!!!

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