Monday, August 6, 2012

Rising Sea Level Phenomena Has a Political Agenda – The Activity is a Pinko, Commie, Left Wing, America Loathing, Freedom Hating Force

And Politicians Can Only Fight It By Passing Laws Against It

This forum earlier made fun of the state of North Carolina, whose Republican dominated legislature dealt with the problem of rising sea levels due to global warming by passing a law limiting how much sea level could rise.  This provided for protection for coastal communities and promoted economic growth, since property developers no longer had to worry about destructive ocean rising as a threat to the beachfront housing after the law was passed.

It turns out North Carolina is not the only state with a Parliament of Fools.  Right wing politicians have finally figured out that this science has an agenda, and that far from being a scientific activity, rising sea level is a political event. 

In Virginia, legislators removed language about "sea-level rise" from a study bill. They replaced it with the phrase many lawmakers were more comfortable with — "recurrent flooding." Politicians felt the previous language was left-leaning. 

Even people like The Dismal Political Economist were amazed to learn that rising sea level was a ‘left leaning’ activity.  But we have since investigated the voting record of Mr. Rising Sea Level and indeed, he is a registered Democrat and appears to have voted for non-Conservative candidates.  This is clear enough proof for anyone that Mr. Rising Sea Level is just out to destroy America and that states need to pass tough new laws forbidding him from threatening America’s coastal development.

The opposition to the freedom to exploit and destroy coastal regions is fierce, and it is also true that ungodly scientists are among culprits who want to preserve coastal regions and prevent disasters like coastal flooding.  They are the biggest enemies of stupidity and ignorance and so are highly suspect.

 Consider these events in Texas.

Texas is working on a coastal plan to address the issue, but got some attention in 2010 when the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality tried to remove the terms "global warming" and "accelerated sea-level rise" from a publication it funded. After scientists subsequently threatened to pull their work from the Texas publication, the state relented.

And so, as always the vigilance needed to protect America from science, intelligence and rational thought must be unending.  Allow the truth to come out and we are all lost to the forces of nature.

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