Saturday, August 25, 2012

Correction – The Name of the Augusta Golf Club is the Augusta NATIONAL Golf Club

But National is Not the Nation You May Think

This Forum was rather nasty, sarcastic and condescending in its criticism of the host golf club of the Master’s tournament which is the August National Golf Club.  Some folks have written in and expressed concern that proper respect and umbrage was not paid to an organization that is truly “National”, as noted by the term “National” in its name.  The implication was that in criticizing August National we were criticizing the nation of the United States.

So we want to take this opportunity to sincerely recognize that the Augusta National Golf Club is  indeed a ‘national’ golf club.  But we must note that the nation referred to is not the United States of America.  See this nation was founded on the concept of equality, really it was.  One can read all about it in the Declaration of Independence and in the various amendments to the Constitution which confirm and affirm the concept of equality.

The ‘nation’ that must be referred to by the term “National” in the name of the August National Golf Club must be some other nation.  It must refer to a nation where a group of rich men deny equality and equal status to women and minorities.  It must refer to the nation of Iran, or other countries that practice what August National preaches.

After careful consideration we think that Saudi Arabia is probably the nation referred to by the term ‘National’ in the name of the golf club.  The practices of the members of Augusta are certainly closer to the culture of that nation than any other.  But maybe we are being too severe on Augusta 'National'.  After all the Saudi's do not allow women to drive a car, and as far as we know the men of Augusta 'National' are willing to allow women to drive, as long as they do so by taking and picking up the kids, going to the grocery store or picking up their husband's dry cleaning.  They definitely need to be home in time to fix dinner.

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