Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jared Bernstein Charts Show Why Conservatives Hate Social Security and Medicare

Those Benefits Flow to the Wrong People – Not Their People

For many of us it has always been a mystery as to the viciousness of Conservatives to highly successful programs like Social Security and Medicare.  Social Security and Medicare are compulsory, but not in a major way as employees divert only about 7.7% of their compensation to the program, and they get a guaranteed retirement income and disability insurance for themselves and their family in addition to health insurance that prevents senior from having catastrophic medical payments.

One of the best of the economic Forums is that of Jared Bernstein, and in the following charts he illustrates just why Conservatives hate the programs.


Yes everyone can see why the Tea Party folks who are retired hate these programs.  These are older, relatively more affluent people who can’t stand for the benefits of Medicare and Social Security to go to those less well off than they are, and not go to they themselves. 

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