Monday, August 20, 2012

Congress Passes Todd Akin "Rapist Parental Rights” Bill – Allows Rapists Who Fathered a Child Full Parental Right

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[Editor’s Note:  This is part of a series of news reports from the year 2016 based on Mitt Romney winning the Presidency and Republicans Taking control of the Senate and retaining control of the House.  These stories are not a predictions of what will happen, but they are indications of what could happen.  That in itself should be scary enough.]

Rapists Whose Acts Result in Pregnancy Will Have Full Parental Rights to See and House Any Children Born As a Result of Rape

WASHINGTON (A. P.)  A bill sponsored by Sen. Todd Akin (R, Missouri) will become law after President Romney reluctantly agreed to sign it.  The bill would allow any rapist who fathered a child to have the same parental rights as any other father.  The controversial law was championed by Conservatives as promoting family values.

Sen. Akin, a surprise winner in the 2012 election has long fought to remove any limitations on the parental rights of a person who has been convicted of rape and where the rape produced offspring.  Speaking triumphantly in Washington Sen. Akin was flanked by members of the pro-rapist rights Family Research Council who said discrimination against fathers must end regardless of how they became fathers.  “We believe a family and children are best served when there is a mother and father present, even if the father is a convicted rapist” one member of the FRC said.  He added that one thing certain in that situation is that the father is not a homosexual, “and nothing, including rape and incest could be worse than that” he noted

President Romney was initially opposed to the bill, but when it became clear that his support from religious Conservatives he quickly found a way to support the legislation.  “I have always been pro-life” Mr. Romney said, “assuming you don’t count the years between 1968 and 1998”.

Under the legislation any rapist would be able to not only visit his child, but also to have joint custody, unsupervised visits and unless prohibited by a judge the rapist would be able to move in and live with the mother.  “Sexual assault is not a reason to suspect a person would be a bad parent” said bill supporters.  In the event of the death, disability or confinement of the mother the rapist/father would have sole custody.

Many church leaders vehemently opposed the legislation, but fundamentalist groups of all major religions said the bill was an important step in producing parental equality.

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