Friday, December 14, 2012

What To Expect from the Gun Rights Advocates and the NRA After the Horrific Shooting of Elementary Children in a School in Connecticut

No, This is Not Sarcasm or Satire

As the news comes in on details of one of the most horrible modern day massacres ever experienced in America, the cries will mount, once again, for sensible gun control.  The advocates of unlimited access to guns and ammunition will probably say something like this.

This is the type of tragedy that could be avoided if 1st graders and other elementary school students would be allowed to take handguns and rifles with them to school.

Editor’s Note:  That is not funny or clever.  It is offensive.

DPE:  It was not meant to be funny or clever.  And when the NRA types make this kind of statement that is when it will be offensive.


  1. The NRA solution is not to arm children. It's to arm everyone else.

    The following is a comment on a item called Timeline: School violence in the U.S.

    "What I find very interesting that 3 of the recent events, i.e. Aurora, CO., Happy Valley, OR and now Newtown, CT (a theatre, a shopping mall and an elementary school) are all gun free zones.

    The people who perpetrate these crimes are all cowards who choose locations where they know they will not encounter resistance. Qualified school teachers who desire should be able to have a concealed weapon while on the job. There is no doubt in my mind that an armed teacher could have minimized the number of people killed or injured in incidents such as Columbine, VA Tech, etc."

    People who support gun rights at all costs envision a society where everyone is completely on his own, and being unarmed is the equivalent of not having a smoke detector in your house. Being unarmed is being irresponsible.

    It is unacceptable to these people to argue that we should not have to feel this way. To them, it is what America is about.

  2. As scary a comment as has ever been posted, but thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention.


  3. That was just the first comment that appeared on the webpage when I viewed it. Go to any online news site that accepts reader comments and view the comments to any story about this shooting. You will see multiple comments endorsing this view or something like it.

  4. I had a haircut today, and the woman cutting my hair - a mother of a five year old - offered her unsolicited opinion that there should be an armed security guard in every classroom, plus teachers should be permitted to carry concealed weapons.

    Since she was holding the scissors, I nodded politely.

    This is not a fringe perception of gun rights and gun violence.