Monday, December 3, 2012

Pat Robertson Goes Senile – Admits Science Not the Bible Reveals the Age of the Earth

The Crazy Caucus of Conservatives Loses a Member

Don't Worry Crazies, He Will Be Back With You

The controversy that was manufactured by Florida Senator Marco Rubio when he declared no one knew the age of the Earth just won’t go away.  This is probably disturbing to Sen. Rubio who had likely hoped that his pandering would only be noticed by the radical right wing that want to introduce creationism into education and policy.  Now it turns out that even Pat Robertson, the face of religious conservatism cannot stomach the idea that no one knows the age of the Earth, or that it was created 6,000 years ago according to the Bible.

Can it be that Sen. Rubio has taken himself out of serious consideration for national office just weeks after the 2012 election?  No, people who dispute science will dominate the Republican primaries.  Reaching back into the 19th Century, the Know Nothings are an important bloc of voters for the GOP.

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