Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Karl Rove’s Conservative Dominated Political Fund Lied on Its Application for Non-Profit Status – Why Is This News?

It’s Not, It What One Would Have Expected.

When former Bush political adviser Karl Rove set up his GPS non-profit corporation and applied for recognition from the IRS for non-profit status, it was no secret to anyone that this was simply an organ of the Republican party.  Now it has been released what Mr. Rove said on his forms to the IRS about what the blatantly political organization would do.

In its filing, Crossroads GPS said it would spend 20 percent on research; 50 percent on “public education” for issues including the national debt, health care, immigration and energy – including paid advertising and policy studies; and 30 percent “to influence legislation and policymaking,” including public communications and building grassroots efforts through “paid advertising, mailings, e-mails and web-based advocacy tools.”

Of course what it actually did was something entirely different.

According to a concept paper distributed to wealthy Republicans donors, Crossroads GPS said it planned to build a “micro-team(s) of researchers and polling professionals” and “list development professionals and direct contact (mail/phones) consultants” to develop and disseminate “hard-hitting issue advocacy” attack Democrats by “exposing ObamaCare” as well as “the great ‘stimulus’ rip-off” and “the new federal bureaucrat elite – paid for by struggling private sector families.”

Gosh, they didn’t tell the truth.  But this time its okay if the story is not widely reported by the mainstream news media.  The fact that Mr. Rove’s group did not tell the truth is not news.

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