Saturday, December 15, 2012

What Happens if You Work for Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch and You Get Charged with Major Crimes?

You Get a Huge Compensation Package Of Course

In England the scandal continues about newspapers that are owned by the News Corporation, the same group that brings everyone Fox News,  and the crimes they are charged with committing.  At the heart of the criminal investigation is charges brought against a senior executive with the newspapers in England, Rebekah Brooks.

David Cameron has been friends with Mrs Brooks’ husband Charlie since the pair studied at Eton College. They also own houses near one another in Oxfordshire.
Now Ms. Brooks has not been convicted of anything, but her paper has folded amidst the scandalous behavior.  A huge number of people have lost their jobs and Ms. Brooks has been indicted and charged with a whole bucketful of crimes.  But not to worry, she is going to be well taken care of.

Rebekah Brooks received a compensation package worth £10.9m after she resigned as chief executive of News International, about £4m more than previously thought, according to results for News International companies that show the closure of the News of the World pushed its parent into a large operating loss.

The package included office space and services of the company’s employees for two years.

Now a truly cynical person would say she is being paid to cover up for the crimes committed by the higher ups at the News Corporation.  But there is no evidence of that so that will not be said on this Forum.  As anyone who watches Fox News regularly knows, they are part of an organization that exhibits high integrity and moral soundness. 

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