Friday, December 21, 2012

Longmont Colorado Bans Hydraulic Fracking – and the Oil and Gas Industry Sues

 Conservatives Who Believe in Local Government are Siding with the Local Government are Not So Strangely Silent

The good citizens of the northern Colorado town of Longmont have decided by the democratic process to ban hydraulic fracking in their town.

Ed Andrieski/Associated Press
A rig in Frederick, Colo., near Longmont. In November, citizens of Longmont voted overwhelmingly to ban fracking despite heavy opposition from the oil and gas industry.

The measure, the first of its kind in the state, still allows oil and gas drilling within city limits, but it prohibits hydraulic fracturing, which has lifted energy production across the country but has raised concerns about air and water contamination.

The oil and gas industry is outraged, outraged that some community does not want to allow what could be very environmentally dangerous activity in its town.  So it is suing.

The oil and gas association said the ban amounted to a prohibition on all efforts to tap the estimated $500 million in oil and gas resources locked in the rocks deep beneath Longmont.

“The ban is illegal, and we expect it to be overturned by the courts,” said Tisha Schuller, the president of the group.

This Forum has no idea is such a ban is legal.  But it does know that Conservatives say they regard local government control as a sacred part of their beliefs.  And so far, Conservatives have not been heard from.  Maybe its because even more sacred to them is the oil and gas industry?

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