Thursday, December 13, 2012

Defeated Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock Blames the Media for His Loss – And He’s Right

They Kept Reporting What he Said

Conservatives can never seem to accept that voters reject them in cases where voters reject them.  It always has to be someone else’s fault.  In the case of losing Indiana Republican Senator Richard Mourdock the blame falls on the old standby, the media.

In a new fundraising email, Mourdock campaign finance director Ashlee Walls said the campaign found itself "caught in the liberal media cross hairs" after Mourdock made his statement about rape.

“Never has Indiana seen a more obvious example of media bias by reporters more interested in defeating conservatives than reporting the news,” Walls wrote.

So what exactly did the media report?  Well this.

Richard Mourdock, the Indiana state treasurer who famously said life pregnancy by rape "is something that God intended to happen,"

Yes, another example of what Conservatives fear the most.  Actual reporting of what they say and the positions they take.

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