Sunday, December 30, 2012

Today in Stupid – NBC’s David Gregory May Be Charged with a Crime in Displaying Empty Ammunition Clip

But Having a Full Clip Ready to Murder People – That’s a God Given Right

In order to demonstrate his point about gun control and access to large clips of ammunition for automatic weapons, clips that enable those guns to kill a large number of people, NBC’s David Gregory showed one on TV.  Now he is under investigation by the D. C. police for possible criminal violations.

WASHINGTON — The Metropolitan Police Department said on Wednesday that it had opened an investigation into whether NBCand David Gregory, the host of “Meet the Press,” broke the law when Mr. Gregory displayed a high-capacity gun magazine during an interview on Sunday with the vice president of the National Rifle Association.

See such actions are illegal in D. C. even though they are legal elsewhere.  In truth of course an empty ammunition clip never did any harm to anyone.  But a full one was used in the Newtown shootings, and a full one is perfectly legal in almost every part of the nation. 

So had Mr. Gregory used a full ammunition clip along with an assault rifle to illustrate his point by mowing down a bunch of people, he would, at least in the eyes of the NRA and other “guns rights no matter who has to die” groups have been exercising his Constitutional rights. They would deplore the loss of life, of course, but readily claim that the fact that people die is just part of what the Founding Fathers wanted when the wrote the Constitution and adopted the Bill of Rights. 

In fact no where does it say in the Bill of Rights that anyone has the right not to be killed by an assault rifle, so there you are.

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