Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ron Paul to Pay Listeners $50,000 Each to Listen to Him on the Lecture Circuit

No, The Story Says Mr. Paul Will be Paid $50k, But That Must be a Mistake

What Organization Competent Enough to Have $50,000 to Pay for a Speech Would Pay It to Ron Paul?

This story claims that former Presidential candidate and loony tunes resident Ron Paul will go out on the lecture circuit and get $50,000 for a speech.

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Ron Paul will follow the well-trod path of hitting the paid speaking circuit after his retirement from Congress — and will charge $50,000 per appearance, BuzzFeed has learned.
Paul's fee is in addition to hotel, meals, and ground transportation in his origin and destination cities for two people. He's represented by Greater Talent Network Speakers Bureau.

But that must be a mistake.  The only logical thing involving $50,000, Ron Paul and a speech is that $50k is the amount he would have to pay someone to listen to him.  Yep, that makes a lot more sense.

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