Monday, December 31, 2012

This Just In – Republicans Demand Mitt Romney Be Made Vice President as Part of Any Deal on the Fiscal Cliff

Democrats Reported to Be Considering It

Late breaking news is that the Republicans want Vice President Biden to resign and for Mitt Romney to be the new Vice President under any deal struck between Democrats and Republicans on new tax rates.

“Mitt Romney got tens of millions of votes” said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and he went on to add “that if the Democrats were really serious about negotiating they would allow Mr. Romney to be Vice President.”

When asked about Constitutional issues with that proposal the Republicans went on to say that failure to allow Mr. Romney to be Vice President was discrimination against Mormons, and since that was Unconstitutional itself, making Mr. Romney Vice President had to be Constitutional. 

Democrats and President Obama were seeking to reach a compromise with Republicans on the issue, and had offered to allow Mr. Romney to be President for 3 days a week, and to allow Republicans veto power over Cabinet choices and to select the next 8 Supreme Court Justices as long as Republicans would agree to a 5% tax decrease on people making over $2 billion a year. 

Republicans were said to be studying that counter offer but were reluctant to agree to anything less than a 10% tax cut for billionaires, whom they said were the backbone of the country.

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