Sunday, December 9, 2012

Republicans Say They Hate Preference Policies Towards Minorities – But They Sure Embrace Them

Explaining Why Rep. Tim Scott is the Favorite to Replace Jim DeMint in the Senate

When a vacancy occurs in the House of Representatives, a special election is held to fill the remaining term.  But when a vacancy occurs in the Senate, which will happen when South Carolina Republican Jim DeMint leaves (thank you) the Governor can appoint a Senator to serve out the term or serve until the next election.

In South Carolina there are a number of Republicans who could be considered (South Carolina being about as Republican as you can get, no Democrats need apply or even run).  But one person is receiving prominent notice, freshman Congressman Tim Scott.

It seems to be a logical fit: DeMint and Scott are close, personally and ideologically, and Scott has the conservative bona fides that are undoubtedly DeMint-approved. He’s risen in the House quickly since his election in 2010, serving on the powerful Rules Committee and working closely with GOP leadership as a liaison for the freshman class, while maintaining good relationships with the tea party wing of House Republican

But what about the other possibilities and why Mr. Scott?  Well here is where a picture is not only worth 1,000 words, but totally explains why Mr. Scott is the favorite to replace Mr. DeMint.

 Tim Scott is pictured. | Reuters photo

Yes, the fact that Mr. Scott is an African American gives him preferential treatment, exactly the opposite of supposed Republican principles.  If Mr. Scott does get the seat we hope he turns out to be qualified, but the Republican track record here is not good.  Think Herman Cain.  And think Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court Justice who were he not a minority would be relegated to a job he is actually qualified for, a Junior Associate in a mediocre law firm. 

But if Mr. Scott does become Senator Scott the lesson for minorities is clear.  Become Conservatives and suddenly you will find that Republicans embrace Affirmative Action, Preferences and even Quotas.

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