Sunday, December 23, 2012

From Robert Bork’s Senate Confirmation Hearing

Convincing and Final Evidence Whey This Man Should Never Have Even Been Considered for the Supreme Court

Brad DeLong and his wonderful economics blog have an extended post with part of the transcript of the confirmation hearings of the late Robert Bork to be an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.  Here is just one example of why this man was not qualified for the court, and in this case an example so egregious that only one example is needed.

And let me tell you one other thing, Senator. For my sins I was approached by a three-judge district court in Connecticut and said they had just struck down the plan put in by the legislature and would I serve as a special master to redistrict Connecticut. I said, Judge Blumenfeld, I have just written that one man, one vote is a fiasco  (emphasis added) --and that was my word, I am afraid--but I will do it.

And yes, the concept of “equal protection under the law” was totally foreign to Mr. Bork.  Why do you ask?

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