Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Rare Commentary on Sports – Because When Someone Else is More Creatively Caustic Than The Dismal Political Economist That Deserves Recognition

Creative Destruction in the Pages of the New York Times

This Forum refrains from commentary on sports, music, movies, books and other popular culture items because others do it better.  However, every now and then there is such creative ability towards sarcasm that it cannot be overlooked.

The New York Jets are currently suffering, because their quarterback Mark Sanchez is suffering.  Mr. Sanchez is a talented man who suffered from too much greed.  Rather than finishing his college career and getting the training that would have made him a very good NFL quarterback, he chose to leave USC after only a few games and take the money offered by the pros.

It has not worked out, and here it is documented by the New York Times.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images
Mark Sanchez committed five turnovers, including four interceptions, in a loss that knocked the Jets out of playoff contention.

It is obvious now that the Jets misjudged their projections of Sanchez. They hoped he would be productive through 2016. He did not even last through 2012.

For a time Tuesday afternoon, the most popular trending topic nationwide on Twitter was QBs Better Than Sanchez. Among those mentioned: Bubba Watson, the golfer; Burt Reynolds, who played a quarterback in “The Longest Yard;” and the boy featured in an N.F.L. Play 60 commercial who tells Cam Newton of Carolina that he “will make Panthers fans forget about you.”

None of them are viable replacements for Sanchez. 

Ouch, that’s hardly the holiday spirit is it?

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