Monday, December 10, 2012

Interview with Republican Leaders on News Story That Homeless People Are Living in Cars

New That Didn’t Happen, But Could

[Editor’s Note:  USA today reporter Judy Keen has a story about how men and women that have lost their housing are forced to live in their cars.

A report by the National Alliance  to End Homelessness found that the nation's homeless population decreased from 643,067 in 2009 to 636,017 in 2011. The only increase was among those not living in shelters: Almost 4 in 10, or 243,701, were living on the streets, in cars or abandoned buildings. That's a 2% increase from 2009. As winter approaches, those people are at risk in many parts of the country.

Because this is a serious problem in the richest nation on Earth, The Dismal Political Economist thought it would be useful to interview a Republican Party Leader on the issue since Republicans are trying to change to be more ‘voter friendly’ in the wake of their recent electoral defeat.]


DPE:  How concerned are Republicans over homeless people living in their cars?

Republican Leader:  Well very concerned, some of these people could be illegal aliens and taking up space in these cars that should be given to Americans who obey the laws and have a legal right to live in cars.

DPE:  But what about the American citizens who live in these cars?

Republican Leader:  The great thing about America is that this country provides equality without preferences.  We support the right of every American to live in their car if they are homeless.  We don’t think that right should be made preferential to minorities or women.

DPE:  But aren’t you concerned about the health of these people whose only residence is an automobile?

Republican Leader:  See that’s one of the problems here.  Under our plan for health care these homeless people that live in cars would be given vouchers to cover up to 30% of the cost of health insurance.  They could then research the insurance industry on the internet and sign up for the best plan for them, without any government interference.  Most would be able to buy insurance for around $1,000 a month, which anyone could afford.

But President Obama wants the government to take over health care for these people, and just because they are impoverished he wants to make sure they receive adequate health care.  That is socialized medicine. 

DPE:  Republicans want to cut unemployment benefits.  Would that cause more homelessness and more people living in cars?

Republican Leader:  Well you know a lot of people live in cars and refuse to get jobs just to get those unemployment benefits and lounge around in a 1985 Buick.  Under Obama these people are leading the good life.  If we cut their unemployment benefits they will have to go out and get jobs.  And you know, with a job they can then afford to decorate the car, get those fuzzy dice, maybe leather wrapping on the steering wheel.

DPE:  During the winter having enough heat is a problem for someone living in a car or van.  What are your programs to help that problem.

Republican Leader:  Well you know we support more off shore oil drilling and opening up the most sensitive environmentally protected areas for oil and gas explorations.  If this happens then 10 years from now the cost of gasoline will be lower and these people living in their cars will be able to afford to run the engines and get heat that way. 

DPE:  Uh, what about carbon monoxide poisoning?

Republican Leader:  I don’t know, what about it?

DPE:  So what would be your concluding remarks?

Republican Leader:  Vote Republican, get to live in a newer model car.

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