Thursday, December 27, 2012

Meanwhile George Will, Washington Post In House Conservative Laments Making Voting Easier

Typical Conservative Reaction to Democracy – Democracy Doesn’t Work When It Results in Non-Conservative Winners

For many people voting in the United States is an extremely difficult process.  For some reason it takes place on Tuesdays, and in many precincts, particularly where there are minority or low income voters there are insufficient resources, resulting in long lines and long hours to vote.

So the recent trend among the more enlightened  officials is to make voting easier.  But this is highly offensive to Conservatives, who tend to lose elections when there is a more honest process.  So Washington Post’s George Will rants and rails against efforts by the Feds to make voting more accessible.  And then makes this argument.

Notice the perverse dialectic by which Washington aggrandizes its power: It promises to ameliorate problems exacerbated by its supposedly ameliorative policies. Notice, too, the logic of Perez’s thesis that “our democracy is stronger when more people have a say in electing their leaders.” Therefore the public good would be served by penalizing nonvoting, as Australia, Belgium and at least 10 other countries do. Liberals love mandates (e.g., health insurance). Why not mandatory voting?

Mandatory voting?  Really?   (and yes, Mr. Will conveniently forgets that mandatory health insurance was a Conservative initiative and that the only place it exists is in Massachusetts where that raving Liberal Mitt Romney put it in place) Does anyone have even the smallest shred of evidence that this is what the government is trying to do?  No they don’t.

Remember this as the Obama administration mounts a drive to federalize voter registration, a step toward making voting mandatory.

Oh, we see it.  The Feds are trying to make voter REGISTRATION easier, and this means the Feds are trying to make voting mandatory. 

And Yes, Mr. Will is what passes as intellectual heft in Conservatives circles.  As for Republicans, look for continued efforts to restrict voting by reducing resources, creating long lines in Democratic precincts and cutting back on early voting.  After all, if you can’t win fairly, as Conservatives cannot, then you have to win unfairly. 

Once again Conservatives show that with respect to voting they belong, well they belong in Communist countries, not democratic ones.

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