Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What’s With This 3 Day Debate Preparation That Obama, Ryan and the Rest of These Candidates Need?

Are They Really Not Prepared After Years in Office and Campaigning?

The first Presidential Debate is October 3, and the only Vice Presidential Debate will be about 8 days later.  Mr. Obama is reporting to be spending 3 days in Nevada to prepare to meet Mr. Romney and Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan will spend 3 days in Virginia to get ready for his debate with Vice President Joe Biden.  What the heck?

Mr. Obama has been President for nearly 4 years.  Is he really so little prepared to take on an opponent who has never served in national office, and who last left his only elected office in 2006?  C’mon man!!

And now we learn that Paul Ryan will take off from the campaign for three days to sit around some place in Virginia and prepare for his debate.  Now some might think that since Mr. Ryan has never been in a national campaign he might need a lot of preparation.  But this candidate has been in Washington for over a decade.  He is considered by people who don’t know any better to be a Very Serious Person, a policy wonk, one who knows the numbers.  So why does he need three days?

The answer to all of this is that these are politicians, they are not smart people.  They have trained all of their lives to appear smart, but deep down they rely on spin and image and public relations.  And that is why they have to spend three days preparing for a debate they ought to be able to do in their sleep.  And as for sleep, that is what most viewers will do if they watch these things.

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