Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Britain’s Conservatives Return to True Form – Reject Taxes on the Wealthy, Embrace Cuts in Welfare Spending to Reduce the Deficit

And Tell Their Coalition Partners to Shove Off

In Britain the government is a coalition between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats, a small minor party with enough seats in Parliament to give the coalition a majority.  The Lib Dems joined the coalition in order to get a few crumbs on their agenda.  So far they have nothing.

In the latest policy announcement the Conservatives have rejected a tax on very expensive housing and instead will cut domestic spending that benefits low income Britains in order to reduce the budget deficit.

David Cameron and George Osborne have dismissed Liberal Democrat calls for a mansion tax or other wealth levies, although they both insisted that the rich will be expected to make a contribution towards the public finances.

But yes, they say they will require some contribution from the very wealthy.  What is it?  Well taking a page from the Mitt Romney book of politics they won’t say, probably will never say and just expect the issue to go away. 

As for the Lib Dem party, their poll numbers have plummeted and sometime in the future they are probably the thing that is going to go away.

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