Monday, October 1, 2012

Steven Pearlstein Explains How a To 1% er Thinks – A Brilliant and Discouraging Piece

Discouraging Because The Dismal Political Economist Cannot Write This Goodly

[Editor's Note:  The headline is supposed to say 'write this well'.  The DPE's headline proves his point about how he cannot write this well, doesn't it.]

Steven Pearlstein
One of the best business writers in the world is Steven Pearlstein who publishes irregularly on the pages of the Washington Post.  Mr. Pearlstein brings an understanding of business to the world of public policy, and his columns are usually thoughtful and insightful. No publication of his is better than this one, which explains the thinking of the hedge fund/private equity highly compensated business person.  

I am a job creator: A manifesto for the entitled

Here is just a sample.

I am a corporate chief executive.
I am a business owner.

I am a private-equity fund manager.

I am the misunderstood superhero of American capitalism, single-handedly creating wealth and prosperity despite all the obstacles put in my way by employees, government and the media.

I am a job creator and I am entitled.

I am entitled to complain about the economy even when my stock price, my portfolio and my profits are at record levels.

I am entitled to a healthy and well-educated workforce, a modern and efficient transportation system and protection for my person and property, just as I am entitled to demonize the government workers who provide them.

I am entitled to complain bitterly about taxes that are always too high, even when they are at record lows.

Read the rest, it's really good.

Yeah, really discouraging too, that someone can write really good stuff like that and The Dismal Political Economist cannot.

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