Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Common Sense Approach to Preventing Abortions is Confirmed in Study – Reduce Unwanted Pregnancies and Abortions are Reduced

And Exposing the Real Reason Anti-Abortion Rights Foes Want Abortion Rights Abolished

Nobody is in favor of abortions.  Really nobody.  It is impossible to find a single responsible person who has stated that abortions are a good thing, that a woman should go out and have one for the pure joy of the experience.  Rather the argument is over abortion rights and who, the individual or the government should control women’s bodies.

Now a new study has confirmed what anybody with a modicum of common sense already knew.  That is that if women  have access to low cost or free family planning services the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions will be reduced.

An experimental project that gave free birth control to more than 9,000 teen girls and women in one metropolitan area resulted in a dramatic decrease in abortions and teen pregnancies, a new study shows.

It wasn't just the "free" part that led to rates far below national averages, researchers say. They also credit the long-acting highly effective methods of contraception chosen by 75% of the participants – namely intrauterine devices (IUDs) and hormonal implants.

Okay, nothing new here, move along.  But the lingering question remains.  Why aren’t those persons who are so adamant about stopping abortions equally adamant about making family planning services and birth control available to the maximum amount of the population?

The answer here is very evident.  These people are not just opposed to abortion, they also want to control women’s lives, to make women live the way they want them to live and to behave the way they want them to behave.  The strong evidence that contraception prevents abortions, and the strong position of anti-abortion rights advocates to deny women contraception is demonstrable proof that control of women's lifestyles is what they really seek.  And it is very sad, because neither side is served by the strident, ugly attacks on women’s rights by those who would use fear and force and government control to impose their views on others.

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