Thursday, October 25, 2012

Religious Leaders Praise Increase in Rape Related Pregnancies – “God’s Will be Done”

News From 2016 – Reported Now!

[Editor’s Note:  This is part of a series of news reports from the year 2016 based on Mitt Romney winning the Presidency and Republicans Taking control of the Senate and retaining control of the House.  These stories are not a predictions of what will happen, but they are indications of what could happen.  That in itself should be scary enough.]

Higher Pregnancies Resulting from Rapes Are Indication that God is Working Wonders Say Fundamentalist Clergy

Washington (UP.) February 22, 2016.   Statistics just released for 2015 that showed a huge increase in women who became pregnant as a result of being raped were hailed by a non-denominational group of national religious leaders and clergy.  The group, God Wants Children From Rape, said today that the numbers just show how power the All Mighty is and how much He wants women to give birth to children conceived from vicious sexual assaults.

The organization, known as GWCR was founded in 2013 after the election of Indiana Republican Senator Richard Mourdock.  Mr. Mourdock campaigned on the theme that while rape was not particularly desirable, if a child was conceived from that rape that is what God intended to happen.  While this position was heavily criticized by decent and moral people, a large group of religious fanatics supported Mr. Mourdock and his beliefs, and their money and efforts allowed the Senator to win a close race in Indiana in 2012.

In a press conference where officials of CWCR commented on the report several of the men speaking said that they did think that rape was “not a nice thing” and “maybe should not happen” but that God was working His will when a child was the result of that rape.  As one spokesman put it, “If God hadn’t wanted that child to be conceived and born He would not have allowed that rape to take place, or if He did he would have prevented conception.  Once conception takes place that is the manifestation of God’s will.”  

When later asked if he thought God was concerned about the rape victim the spokesperson replied that “Well God is a man, so He may not be directly affected by rape.  It’s probably not something He really pay much attention to.”

A small group called Conservative Women Against Sexual Assault released a statement deploring the statistics, but the Women’s Freedom Forum, a political advocacy organization made up of women whose husband’s net worth is $10 million or greater came out with a strong statement in support of CWCR and its conclusion that higher pregnancies from rape were God working His will.

That group referenced as an authority Senator Todd Akin (R, Mo) whose position is that rape cannot result in pregnancy because a woman's body had the ability to prevent conception from rape.  They said that based on that authority if rape did produce a child that could only be because God intervened and “Over-rode the woman's body ability to prevent pregnancy from rape because God wanted that child”. 

Attempts to reach God for a reply or comments went unanswered.

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