Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wall Street Journal Editorial Faults Sec. of State Clinton for not Speaking Up on Libya the Day After She Took Responsibility

No the WSJ Editors Have No Integrity – Why Do You Ask?

The tragedy in Libya is not a political event, nor was the tragedy of September 11, but given the total lack of restraint by Republicans they are succeeding in making it one.  Mitt Romney started things off by claiming the Obama Administration was apologizing, when in fact it did no such thing.  But for Mr. Romney the phony Obama Administration apologies are good campaign fodder, and so he persists.

On Monday night Secretary of State Clinton explained that the security issue at the embassy was a State Department issue, and she took responsibility.

Clinton was clarifying that it’s the State Department, and ultimately the secretary of state, that bear responsibility for what amounted in this case to a fairly routine personnel decision. But she also was shouldering a political weight that had seemed to shift from the State Department to the White House over the preceding days. Republicans have pointed their fingers directly at President Obama, while his aides have sought to shift the blame to Foggy Bottom. 

“I think what [Biden] was talking about was what he and the president knew, because these matters were being handled at the State Department,” Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod said in a Sunday interview. Axelrod was responding to a question about the vice president, who said at the debate that “we weren’t told they wanted more security there.”

But the editors of the WSJ ever eager to keep the politics of the issue alive ignored reality in writing an editorial this way.

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·                                 Updated October 15, 2012, 8:58 p.m. ET

Hillary's 'Responsibility'

As the White House blames State for Libya, the Secretary says little.

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Hillary Clinton ducked questions Friday about what and when she knew about the nature of the attacks on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, and then she got the heck out of D.C. The Secretary of State, who flew to Peru Monday for a conference on women's empowerment, is savvy enough to smell political trouble.

Yes, this is a total and complete lie.  Yes that is becoming the norm for right wing opinion pieces.  No they do not feel any shame, they are not capable of doing so.

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