Thursday, October 25, 2012

There Stands Romney Like a Stonewall – Rally Around the Great Obfuscator Boys

Stonewall Romney  - The New Face of Campaigning

Mitt Romney is famous for adopting whatever persona or position he thinks will best position him for any election he is running.  But there is one constant in his Presidential campaign, he is “stonewalling” on important issues, and the compliant national press is letting him get away with it.  Why, because actual reporting is considered biased by Republicans and the media is afraid of attacks.

Mr. Romney has a tax plan, but he refuses to release details.  His own taxes are not to be released, everyone just has to take his word for it that he paid taxes, did not get amnesty for foreign accounts and doesn’t have egregious tax shelters.  He plans to cut Federal spending, but so far only mentions PBS, and raising spending on national defense.  He plans to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, but no one knows how he plans to do that.

Now Mr. Romney will take his stonewalling one step further and end interviews with the press altogether.

The Romney campaign is not committing to granting any network interviews in the final two weeks of the campaign.
Kevin Madden walked to the back of Romney’s plane Tuesday afternoon on the flight from Palm Beach to Las Vegas to talk about the debate. A television correspondent noted that President Barack Obama is sitting down with Brian Williams and Jay Leno this week and wondered if the Republican nominee will give an interview to a network.
“Look, one of the great things about the debates were we got a chance to talk directly to the American people about the issues that they care about. Over the next 14 days, Gov. Romney is looking forward to meeting with as many voters in these critical swing states and delivering them his closing argument about why he would be a better president. I don’t have anything for you on scheduling yet, but I’ll let you know as we update it.”

Yes, this is the position of a person who thinks like he is the frontrunner, which he may be.  But it is also the position of an arrogant and condescending wealthy person, who thinks he is entitled to the Presidency and that no one is entitled to question him.

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