Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wall Street Journal Editorial Opinion Completely Devoid of Integrity – Outright Lies on Sen. Jim Webb and His Vote on Health Care Reform

Why Lie – Because the Truth Does Not Support Their Position

No one, including the author of this Forum can escape the fact that they use and present facts in a slanted fashion in order to make their case.  This is acceptable, and the truth will results from a battle of ideas in the open market place of free political speech.  But notice that we are talking about Facts here, true statements just presented in a way to buttress a particular position.

But Conservatives have found throughout the ages that Facts and Data have a built in anti-Conservative bias.  The reason for this is straight forward, modern U. S. Conservatism is a faith based ideology, the positions are based on faith rather than logic.  For example the argument that lower tax rates will create higher revenues is a purely faith based position, unsupported by logic or data.

In its fight against Mr. Obama and his health care reform the Wall Street Journal has now adopted a strategy of abandoning spin and engaging in outright lying.  Here is the headline of their recent editorial.


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The 60th Vote Regrets

Now Jim Webb and Evan Bayh tell us.


And the subject of the editorial is how Virginia Senator Jim Webb now regrets his vote in support of health care reform.  There is just one problem with the title.

reporter Chuck Todd pressed if the Senator regretted his vote?

"No, and in the end I voted with the Republicans 18 times, but in the end I voted for it," 

Now in the English language that everyone in speaks Mr. Webb unequivocally says he does not regret his vote.  So why the headline that says he does regret the vote?

Easy question, the WSJ needs a story on how the person who made the deciding vote now regrets it, so they just make stuff up.  Or as the rest of us call it, they outright lie.

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