Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On Colin Powell’s Endorsement of Barack Obama – Reason Number 117 Why John McCain Should Not Have Been President

America Dodged a Might Bullet in 2008

The controversy over remarks by Mitt Romney’s campaign co-chair about why Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama have been largely ignored by the mainstream media.  No one knows why they won’t report the news.  It may be that they sense a Romney victory and want to suck up to him in hopes of favorable treatment in the future.

John Sununu, who is serving as Co-Chairman of the Romney campaign has made a number of racist remarks about Barack Obama, and most recently said that the only reason Colin Powell endorsed Mr. Obama was because both of them were African Americans.  Mr. Romney invoked his typical silence on the issue,  profiles in courage he ain’t.

Then Sen. John McCain has weighed in on the issue and produced a statement that is even more disgusting than what Mr. Sununu said, something no one thought was possible.  From Taegan Goddard.

October 26, 2012

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

"Colin Powell, interestingly enough, said that Obama got us out of Iraq. But it was Colin Powell, with his testimony before the U.N. Security Council, that got us into Iraq."

-- Sen. John McCain, quoted by the 
National Review, upset with the former Secretary of State's endorsement of President Obama.

Yes, that John McCain, the cheerleader for the war in Iraq, the man who other than George W. Bush and his administration was more responsible for the U. S. getting into Iraq and staying there than any other person.

And yes, we can see the hypocrisy dripping from his lips, can’t everyone?

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