Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Presidential Debate Goes as Expected – Press Re-Invigorates Romney Campaign Because the Press Wants a Competitive Election

As Predicted Here

There is very little to comment on the first Obama-Romney debate, because of the huge commentary elsewhere.  But one should note that the Press, whose opinion is much more important than viewers or voters scored this one for Mr. Romney, as they were bound to do.

To do otherwise would have made the story of the election much less interesting.  And the Press is only interested in an interesting story. 

This is not all that good for Mr. Romney, because the next Press narrative will be the comeback of Mr. Obama in the next debates.

Does all this sound like it is pre-scripted and formula driven?  Yes it does, because that is what it is.

What really counts, the polls that will be released next week, to see if voters are buying any of this.

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