Sunday, October 7, 2012

So-Called Populist Sen. Scott Brown is Racking Up Big Bucks in Senate Race Against Real Populist Elizabeth Warren

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The Massachusetts Senate race is one of the most expensive ever, and one of the most interesting ever.  In this Democratic state incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown won election in 2010 to fill out the rest of the term of the late Senator Edward Kennedy.  Mr. Brown won by portraying himself as just a nice, likeable, regular guy and had the good fortune to be up against one of the most inept candidates of all time.

Now Sen. Brown is facing a serious challenge from Harvard professor and author of the Consumer Protection Bill Elizabeth Warren.  Mr. Brown is still campaigning as that nice guy who represents working people.  But the truth is Mr. Brown represents Wall Street and big banks and his concern for the average working person disappears whenever his vote is needed for a Republican cause.
U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., at Bunker Hill Community College in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston. | AP Photo
But He Looks Like Such a Nice Guy

So the banks and financial institutions are turning out big time for Mr. Brown, scared to death that Ms. Warren, person who really stands up for working men and women might get elected.

 Brown has already received more than $3.3 million from the finance, insurance and real estate industries this cycle, according to CRP, more than any other member of Congress or congressional candidate.

It’s pretty clear what is going on here, the finance industry wants to buy themselves a Senator.  And yes big bucks are needed, because the working men and women who do see what is going on are sending small contributions to Ms. Warren.  So why does she have so much money to go up against Mr. Brown.  There are a lot more working folks than there are bankers.

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