Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Which is Worst? Trump's Racism or the Republicans Who Pander to Him

Like the World's Toughest Question

One benefit, maybe the only benefit of Trumper's racist rants is that they have exposed just how craven and racist many of his Republican supporters are. For example, House Speaker Paul Ryan said the comments by the shithole about nations that were not, well, white was that they were 'unfortunate' and 'not helpful'.

But the real prizes go to Republican Senators. For example Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, he who would lead the charge to take health care from low income people.

Cassidy indicated he agreed with Faulker’s suggestion about there being something problematic with Durbin’s move to inform the American public about racist remarks made by their president.

“I totally agree with you,” Cassidy said. “It undermines trust going forward. Whatever was or was not said, if you disagree with what the fellow or the gal said, then you disagree with them, publicly then. But to go out and kind of, ah, report it, is going to undermine trust — not just for this issue, but for further issues.”

Yeah, letting the voters know the President is highly bigoted, just not right. And there are Senators Cotton and Perdue.

Cassidy isn’t the only Republican senator suggesting Durbin somehow acted in bad faith. Friday afternoon, Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AK) and David Perdue (R-GA) released a statement saying “regrettably, it seems that not everyone is committed to negotiating in good faith.”

While Cotton and Perdue stop short of denying that Trump made racist comments, they add, “In regards to Senator Durbin’s accusation, we do not recall the President saying these comments specifically but what he did call out was the imbalance in our current immigration system.”

And of course the legion of commentators, Republican flunkies (read elected officials) have all joined forces to say, well, say nothing.   

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