Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Betsy DeVos and the Education Department Being Sued at a Record Pace

Too Stupid or Too Ignorant or Too Uncaring to Do Her Job? You Decide

Another day, another bunch of lawsuits filed against the Department of Education. This time it is the fact that the Department will not process loan forgiveness claims for student debt taken out to pay tuition at fraudulent for profit colleges.

On Thursday, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra sued DeVos and the department for failing to process more than 50,000 debt relief claims submitted by former Corinthian Colleges students. The case is similar to a separate lawsuit filed the same day by the attorneys general of Massachusetts, New York and Illinois alleging that the Trump administration is violating federal law by refusing to hand down decisions on pending claims.

Why should these folks get their loans erased? Well, they were cheated by the schools and the government did not do its job of protecting them.

One of those investigations in 2015, a collaboration between California authorities and the Obama administration, found that Corinthian widely misrepresented job placement rates for graduates of its Everest and WyoTech schools. As a result, the department agreed to expedite loan discharges for students who attended those schools, a slow-going process that started to make headway at the end of the Obama administration. But not a single claim has been approved since Trump came into office.

So how is Betsy doing? Well there is this.

The Education Department declined to comment on the lawsuits. The agency has in the past described other lawsuits filed by Democratic attorneys general as a partisan attack on the Trump administration. The same prosecutors involved in Thursday’s lawsuits were among 19 state attorneys general who sued DeVos in July for delaying an overhaul of the borrower defense rule, and 18 attorneys general who took legal action against her in October for dismantling a rule to regulate career-training programs.

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