Friday, January 19, 2018

Missouri's Republican Gov. Scandal is Also About Policy

In Addition to the Gov. Lacking Basic Morals

Missouri is currently being roiled by the fact that its recently minted Republican Governor admitted to cheating on his wife and family and is credibly accused of trying to blackmail his paramour. But equally troubling is what the Missouri Republicans count as progress.

Todd Graves, the chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, said the governor’s style had hurt him with his political relationships but had resulted in some legislative victories, too.

Mr. Greitens achieved the passage of right-to-work legislation, long a goal among the state’s Republicans. He has signed into law bills that make it more difficult to sue an employer for discrimination and restrict how much plaintiffs can receive in injury lawsuits. And he has gotten the state to withhold $140 million that was slated to be spent on low-income housing tax credits.

Wow, that's kinda nice isn't. The war on low income, union and middle income families is alive and well in the state.

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