Friday, January 26, 2018

Missouri Gov. Greitens Wins “Most Disgusting Person of the Month” Award

Strong Candidate to Win “Most Disgusting Person of the Year”

Missouri elected a Republican Governor last year, you know one of these 'holier than thou' and 'family values' person who thinks God has called upon him to cut taxes for the wealthy and harm low income families. Yep, just another Republican.

But it turns out the Governor is a rather disgusting person. He has admitted having a long affair with a woman who, conveniently, turned out not to be his wife. He is accused of but denies blackmailing her to keep things quiet. And he is unrepentant. He gave an interview in which, of course he didn't answer all the uncomfortable questions. Here is what is alleged.

After Greitens confirmed the affair in a statement that night, other media also reported the affair and allegations he had taken a nude photo of the woman.

The report included an audio recording of a conversation between a woman and her then-husband — recorded secretly by the husband — in which the woman said Greitens had bound her hands and blindfolded her, taken a photo of her partially nude and warned her to remain silent during an encounter in his St. Louis home.

But the Gov says everything is ok, nothing to see here and he will stay in office. Of course there is this indirect admission of some pretty ugly behavior.

Greitens did not directly say “yes” or “no” when asked Saturday if he had bound and blindfolded and taken a photo of the woman.

And true to form, Greitens says he has the support of his friends. Of course with friend like that . . .

 Finally, like all so-called religious scumbags he invokes God.

I’m very confident that God has a way of bringing good from difficulty. God has a way of helping people in the midst of pain to emerge with wisdom,” Greitens said. “God has a way of helping you to move through suffering and actually become stronger.”

A spokesperson for God stated, and we quote “What a turd”. (Okay that's not true).

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