Thursday, January 4, 2018

Still Think College Football if For the Good Ole Boys – How About $100,000 For the Right to Stay at a Hotel

And The Taxpayers Pick Up Part of the Bill

The corruption of college sports continues. Here is just the latest from Texas A and M a football school masquerading as a college.

Coming Soon to Campus: The $100,000 Hotel Room

Texas A&M is charging alums six figures for the right to book a hotel room next to the football stadium, as universities look for extra perks to market for wealthy donors

Okay, if big spenders want to waste money that way, more power to them. But it makes you wonder if they really need that big tax cut Trumpie and the GOP is trying to give them. Oh, and the $100k is already tax deductible.

The guaranteed room options, or GROs, work much like the personal seat licenses now offered by many professional sports teams—only for hotel rooms rather than season tickets. At A&M, the holders will make a one-time, tax-deductible $100,000 donation to the university in exchange for the right to reserve a specific room on any day for the next 10 years. They also get a plaque engraved with their names on the door.

Don't wait on that thank you from the wealthy to the tax paying rubes who will pick up part of the tab. That ain't happening.

A rendering of the hotel and conference center.
A rendering of the hotel and conference center. PHOTO: TEXAS A&M HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTER

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