Friday, January 5, 2018

Isn't a Government Agency Called the Environmental Protection Agency Supposed to Protect the Environment?

Not in Trumpie's World

The EPA is now in the hands of polluters, people who would exploit the environment for private gain, and men and women who just don't care. So it is no surprise they are not doing their job.

The federal government failed vulnerable whale, turtle and fish species when it allowed oil companies to release their waste into the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year, a conservationist group argues.
The Center for Biological Diversity has put the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on notice. Last week, the center filed a 60-day letter of intent to sue, a required precursor to a lawsuit in which the nonprofit conservation group is expected to argue the government is not complying with the Endangered Species Act.
The EPA in September finalized a Clean Water Act permit, which allows oil and gas rigs off the coast of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi to flush waste liquids into the Gulf. The Center for Biological Diversity is worried about pollutants from sources like produced water, which is a byproduct of hydraulic fracturing that contains chemicals like arsenic and lead.

Now it is true this is just a charge, and the accusations must be proven in a court of law. But does anyone think the Trump EPA is not destroying the environment regulations and that will lead to long term damage to the planet? Anybody?

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