Thursday, January 18, 2018

NJ Gov. Chris Christie – Gone a Day and Already Forgotten

A NYT Editorial Headline Says It Best -

With the leaving of office by NJ Republican Chris Christie a great sigh of relief has momentarily passed over the state, followed by collective amnesia. A really, really good editorial in the Times sums it up better than we could possibly do.

Now Chris Christie Is Just a Bad Memory

Here are just a few wonderful excerpts

But his miscalculations could be epic, perhaps none more damaging than his decision in 2010 to block a badly needed train tunnel to Manhattan under the Hudson River. The torment that now routinely afflicts New Jersey rail commuters underlines his shortsightedness.

The coarse, bullying style favored by both men may entertain people for a while, but the act eventually grows tiresome. The president might bear in mind that Mr. Christie’s plummet to 14 percent approval came after he’d won 60 percent of the vote in 2013. Mr. Trump, wallowing in the 30s, can only dream of 60 percent.

Enduring memories of his tenure will be of those traffic jams, of the governor happily sunning himself last July on a beach that was closed to the public during a budget dispute, of Mr. Christie standing almost worshipfully behind Mr. Trump during the 2016 campaign like a footman out of “Downton Abbey.”

And to paraphrase the editorial, maybe someday NJ will miss Christie. Today ain't that day. Tomorrow don't look so good for him either.

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