Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Australia Votes for Equality and Compassion and Tolerance

Deals Heavy Blow to Religious Leaders

In the continent down under they put marriage equality on the ballot. Australia is a fairly conservative place so the result was largely unexpected.

A nonbinding referendum conducted by mail found 61.6 percent of Australians in favor of allowing gay couples to wed. Even though the measure was expected to be approved, the size of the win and the unusually large participation of 12.7 million Australians out of the 16 million eligible voters added to its political legitimacy.
Though the vote isn’t binding, all major political party leaders have promised to implement the decision, which would make Australia one of approximately 26 countries that allow gay couples to wed.

The vote went against the tyranny of religionists who sought to impose their own personal faith issues on the public.

In a wealthy, urbanized country where 52 percent of the population regards themselves as Christian, according to a census last year, the vote marks a defeat for Australia’s two big churches, the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church, whose leaders were behind a well-organized campaign to defeat the referendum.

Yep, hatred and bigotry suffered another defeat, and hypocrisy in Australia is on the ropes.

Sinners going to hell in Australia - At least that what religion teaches

People celebrate after the announcement of the same-sex marriage postal survey result in front of the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. (Ascui/EPA-Efe/Rex/Shutterstock)

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