Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Protesters Should Praise, Not Condemn Chuck Schumer and Other Comments on the Shutdown

Reality Bites

  1. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is being attacked for ending the government shutdown with only a promise of a vote on immigrant legislation. This is rediculous. What exactly did these people think? That after a few days the Republicans would cave and give the Dems everything they wanted? The Dems got CHIP funding and they got the issue great visibility. They have more chances, the first coming up on February 8 and later a chance coming up on debt ceiling legislation.

This was the first battle in a war to get bigoted Republicans to sign on to legislation protecting young adults who were brought to this nation as children. The war is not over, it is only beginning. The Dems did a good job.

  1. Wasn't  everyone, including Republicans just overjoyed that Trumpie sat on the sidelines. A weekend without obnoxious tweets and comments from Trumper. Oh joy!

  1. Paul Ryan is soon to be in the headlights. Ryan will either have to decline to bring an immigration bill to the floor of the House, thus angering the nation, or bring the bill up and face the wrath of his Caucus.

  1. Dreamers' are a wedge issue. The issue can easily split the Republican party if the Dems play this right.

  1. Trump looked like a fool in all of this. Okay, not hard from Trump to do.

  1. The media is quick to judge and has a short term view. This is a long term issue.

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