Tuesday, January 9, 2018

This is It for the Dems - Accomplish Something or Quit

The Party Needs a Reason to Exist

Despite their supposed deal with Trumper and despite their vow not to allow the government to keep operating if DACA wasn't dealt with the Democratis in Congress slunk home for the holiday season with nothing.

Now Trumpman is saying that he will only accept DACA relief if he gets his stupid wall.  For Democrats it is crunch time.  If they refuse to give on the wall and if they demand DACA relief in return for funding government operations they will prove they have value as a party.  If they don't, there is really no reason for them to continue. Building a new party will take time and result in short term losses, but not doing so will result in short term losses and long term losses.

Your turn Dems, give us a reason to keep you going.

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